Anti-Static Device of Ball Valves
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Anti-Static Device of Ball Valves
Tipvalve can manufacture the Ball Valves with Anti-static Device, and the Anti-static design is an important part in the process of producing. The Anti-static design of ball valves ensures an electrical continuity (which plays an important role in reducing static electricity which may exist in the ball or stem of the valve) between valve ball, stem, and body
The ball valve wetted part contains a seat and a ball.  The seat material is made of thermoplastic material such as PTFE, PEEK, etc or metal with thermoplastic insert. The ball itself is made of metal such as 316 SS, Al. Bronze etc.
Ball Valves Wetted Part
In the ball valve operation process, whether it is open or close, it is possible to cause the build-up of static electricity, produced by the friction of the thermoplastic seat material and the metal ball material. If not immediately grounded, it is possible that the static charge will discharge to a nearest grounding path and creating spark. If the fluid that ball valve serves is flammable, the spark may Lit the fluid and causes an explosion or fire. So, the electrical continuity plays a significant role in grounding any build-up static electricity in the ball.
The ball valve design mainly has an electrical continuity. And the ball is always in contact with the stem when it is open and close. In addition, the stem is always in contact with the body through the gland flange or top flange. But it is important to ensure its continuity by an anti-static device. Because the static electricity is potentially build-up in the ball, we should make a ground path from the ball to the ground. The grounding path will start from the ball to the stem, and then to the body. The ball valve body will be connected to the grounding path of the pipe. So at a minimum we require an anti-static device in the ball-stem connection, and then the stem-body connection.
The anti-static device that exists in the stem-body connection and the ball-stem connection is a metal spring which creates an electrical continuity by pushing a metal ball. And usually, it is applicable for ball valve larger than 2”in size.
Usually, the ball valve not more than2”in size only has stem-body anti static device because of a small size of the stem connected to the ball. Thus one anti-static device is accepted because the anti-static device is only to ensure an electrical continuity. But we should guarantee the stem and the ball in contact (whether open or close). Therefore, the build-up static electricity will be immediately connected to the ground.
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