Electric and hydraulic actuated valve
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Electric and hydraulic actuated valve


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TIP Automation designs and manufactures instrumentation systems and skid mounted units that provide the motive power to drive hydraulic actuator.

We offer Electro Hydraulic Units designed to operate from a single source either one or a number of valve actuators, singularly or contemporaneously, guaranteeing the correct pressure and volume to stroke the actuators.

Tip Automation Electro Hydraulic Units are the right solution for emergency shutdown and fail safe application.

In case of loss of electrical power, the accumulator maintains reserve hydraulic power for a defined number of piston strokes.

TIP Electro Hydraulic Power Units are an alternative to Gas Over Oil Actuator or High Pressure Direct Gas Actuator for applications in environments where exhaust of gas to atmosphere is prohibited. These unit are a total closed loop system and have no exhaust to atmosphere.

The Hydraulic accumulator provides smooth operation even for quick stroking time.
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