Electric actuated valve
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Electric actuated valve


Products detail

Certification: API 6D, ISO9001: 2008
motorized valve, electric actuator valve, electric motor valve
Standard Specifications:
Valve type:
Ball valve, Butterfly valve, Gate valve, Check valve, Globe valve.
Body Material : WCB, CF8, CF8M etc
Temperature : -45~+600'C

Product Feature:
Simple structure and compact size characterize our single seated control valves.They are applicable in a wide scope of liquid services as well as steam, gas services.Those valves are easily adaptable to bellows, steam-jacketed and long extension bonnet.
Tipvalve Co., Ltd produce all kinds of good quality ball valve, control valve, butterfly valve: single seated control valve, single cage guided control valve, cage guided type control valve, multi-stage cage guided control valve, low tempereature angle control valve, hige pressure angle control valve, self-operated pressure control valves, 3-way diverting / mixing globe valves, corrosion-resistant control valve, soft seated type, metal seated type, concentric V type ball valve, eccentric segmental ball valve, corrosion-resistant ball valve, triple eccentric high performance butterfly valve, light type butterfly valves, corrosion-resistant butterfly valve, control valve electronice actuator, high pressure globe valve, high pressure valve, globe valve, control valve, single seat extension valve, low temperature valve, soft seat ball valve, metal seated ball valve, ball valve, gate valve, trunnion-mounted ball valves, trunnion ball valve, flanged valve, gate valve, throttle valve, metal seated valve, ball valve, welding valve, ball valve, valve body, gas ball valve, anti corrosion ball valve, corrosion resist valve, butterfly valve, high performance butterfly valve, high duty valve, triple eccentric valve, high duty valve, super high temperature butterfly valve, electric motor butterfly valve, butterfly valve, electric motor butterfly valve, electric motor valve, motorized valve, electric actuator valve, electric motor valve, etc.

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