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Butterfly valve is suitable for the pipe with engineering system which transports all kinds of corrosive, non corrosive fluid to adjust and cut off the flow of fluid. The engineering system includes producer, coal gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), city gas, heat and cold air, chemical smelting and power environmental protection, building water supply and drainage.
Because it can be opened and closed simply and rapidly and the fluid resistance is small, it can be often operated. Simple structure, small size, short structure length, small volume and light weight make it suitable for large diameter valve.
The butterfly valve can transport mud and store up least liquid at the pipe aperture. It has good regulation performance and can achieve good sealing under low pressure because the materials of sealing surface are commonly rubber and plastic.
When fully open, the seat has large effective circulation area and the fluid resistance is smaller. The Open-close torque is small. As the disc on both sides of the shaft is suffered with equal effect and the direction of torque is on the contrary, it is labor-saving to open and close.
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